Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Yazdani Restaurant & Bakery

I want to introduce you an old bakery in Mumbai "Yazdani Restaurant & Bakery". The bakery was opened in 1953 by Meherwan Zend. Today three sons of Meherwan run the bakery. The gentlemen by the cash counter - Rashid is one of them. All the products in the bakery are handmade and baked in diesel ovens.

Cawasji Patel Road, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
                    022 2287 0739,icVEx6lJgNA4hNexGBly8h2dLN9dhr7itWVEpVyuAUL2Gzi9QRgaIhTbxqNQS7lgBRsycVIL_PYV1BdAu1D2hKy4Q7ig0PN3MJ282Ya3uDl5IHTUmwHrJZ-nipL0MWD79Ii493Q-JA

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