Sunday, 18 June 2017

Go Native - Bangalore/India

If you are hungry and want to eat non GMO, pesticide free veggies and grains, you have to visit a sustainable store and restaurant Go Native. The food is delicious. I recommend you to go there during lunch time. 

 This is what I ordered last time:

1. Mangalore Buns (fried wheat and banana bread served with coconut chutney):

2. Alloo Paratha:

3.  Masala Chilla (moong dal pancake stuffed with spiced potato served with raw papaya poriyal, drumstick sambar and tomato chutney):

4. Mango Special Thali (aam ras puri or chapati, mango rice, eggplant chutney, papad, raw mango salad, kadala curry, payasam): 

5. Ragi pancakes served with seasonal fruits, honey and yogurt or ice cream:

Go Native outside and inside: 

#64, 10th Main,
5th Block, Jayanagar,
Bangalore - 560 041 
Phone: 080 26642552


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